These crimes will end only when the five reforms are put into effect and only by direct pressure on our elected representatives to adopt  these reforms.  
ONE: Disarm all Electromagnetic Weapons​.  
TWO: Open all secret archives​. THREE: Truth and Reconciliation Hearings​.  
FOUR: An international convention to ban all EMW.  
FIVE: An international bill of rights that is enforceable​. 

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The New Phoenix Program 
found through our other websites and on the blogs; along with government documents, military science papers, scientific patents and papers, authoritative newspaper and magazine articles, books and films.

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Monarch Concepts 501 C 3 nonprofit dedicated to aiding victims of torture and abuse.

The author dedicates sales of his books, films, songs to fund Monarch Concepts.

Book #1 Rainbow Man autobiography

Book #2 Monarch: The New Phoenix Program

Song #3 Waterfall

Song #4 Time to Heal the Earth

The books are for download off my website for $5, and the songs are .99 cents.

Book #1: Rainbow Man, autobiography, paperback, 187 pages, ISBN 9781466335455

The music continued in full voice and power perfectly syncopated with the rainbows movements for about 15 minutes before I could feel something happening to me. The totality of the beauty that I was both witnessing and participating in seemed to overwhelm all my sensations of joy and ecstasy. It seemed as if something inside me was beginning to open or to tip over into a larger whole. When one begins to pass out and lose consciousness you can feel you mind begin to start to be overwhelmed and this is all I have to compare it too. Save for the intensity of pure joy that the light harp and the music had made me feel it was as if my sense of the beauty of the universe was making me pass out but I did not lose consciousness, quite the opposite.

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BOOK #2, MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program, paperback, 267 pages, ISBN 9781466329317

Army intelligence officers are allegedly using classified anti-personnel weapons to target political activists and whistleblowers in a program designed to force a suicide, incarceration, and eventual death from long term effects of non-ionizing radiation, such as cancer or heart attack. 

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SONG: Waterfall, MP3, acoustic guitar, vocals

 The universe a circle and you’ve come round again, Does your name matter who, who or where or when

Waters rise, waters fall, can a rain drop know the waterfall (2), Dust and waves will cover everyone and all you see

Soon enough as if you and they had never been, Someday soon all your friends and family are gone

One’s that’s left are terrified and barely hanging on, What’s the point if in the end no one knows your name

Is this life just a stupid mindless pointless game, Bridge: You are free to rise and fall (2) Stand before the maker of it all

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SONG: Time to Heal the Earth, MP3, acoustic guitar, vocals


(chorus) Wave the flag, salute the man, We’re gonna do, the best we can (2)
All the world’s kings, playin’ with guns, We gotta win the game, we’re gonna use your sons (2)
Remember the words, thou shalt not kill, Until such time, there’s blood to spill (2)

(Bridge), And I don’t know if this is gonna change the world, And I don’t know if this is gonna save the world

And I don’t know if this is gonna save my girl

Look at Mother Nature, she’s on the run, There aint no butter, we spent it on guns

A thousand plagues, infect the land, Time to heal the earth, let’s do it while we can (2)

Wave the flag, salute the man, We’re gonna do, the best we can (2)

Copyright 2012 Marshall Thomas all rights reserved

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Our Mission is to end the secret dirty war
Our Mission

Active Denial System
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