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The financial records will be posted to the internet and updated every 30 days.  Funds go towards alleviating the suffering of targets and fighting back in the public domain and in the courts.  We need your help to battle an enemy with unlimited funds, manpower, and technology. We appreciate all donations and purchases. 

DONATE by DIRECT MAIL; anonymous donations may be made by money order.  
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Monarch Concepts Stop Nonlethal Weapons Torture

Even an .89 cent E purchase of the song Vision Keeper can make a difference. On behalf of the TI community who suffer unspeakable torture, please accept my sincere thanks.   
Your Donations At Work:
The money you send will be used to win in the court of public opinion and in the court of law.  With your help the targeted individuals will mount a legal defense, a public outreach, and help maintain themselves until victory is achieved. 

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and other TI organizations dedicated to ending the secret dirty war
 Victory over tyranny is possible but  not without unity of purpose and action
The three films and book titled, 
MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program, 
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Donations will be accepted on behalf of the victims who suffer torture
Our Mission

The World is Watching, the Time is Now.

​Monarch Concepts 501 (C) 3 nonprofit is dedicated to justice
for victims of torture. Multiple internet platforms are used to display films, books, songs, and merchandise used to raise money for the cause.  
Purchases and donations can be made on numerous websites, and payments can be sent through  and check or money order by snail mail.  Film sales are made through  payloadz, eBay  lulu  Amazon  vimeo  itunes and others.  Even an E purchase and download of a song for .99 cents will help our cause.  

There are many examples of nonprofit organizations being taken away from the original founding member(s). By dividing funds into separate accounts, destruction of the nonprofit alone will not destroy the resistance. The author wishes to state publicly that all funds will go towards the resistance, not just those funds that go to the nonprofit Monarch Concepts. Financial records of both Monarch Concepts and the author will be published online and updated every thirty days.  

If you have made a donation or purchase to aid the victims of torture, please accept my profound gratitude on their behalf.  It is my personal promise to all of you that the struggle for freedom and justice will continue.  Marshall Gregory Thomas 

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& funds the FOUR GOALS